Glitter Makeup: Glitter Gods//Photographer: CWPhotographics

Welcome to Glitter Makes It Better…
Who is Laura Whittle I hear you ask?

I am a twenty-three-year-old, tourism & business graduate working in recruitment. Born and bred in North East Lincolnshire but I’ve made the move to the London of the North; Leeds. I have always enjoyed creating fun content and writing; so what better way to share my love of beauty and fashion, an insight to my lifestyle and love life whilst documenting my memories?

The best way to describe myself is “life is always better with a smile and a sprinkle of glitter.”  I absolutely adore Disney and Harry Potter and I also love to geek out at comic con once in a while. You are also just as likely to find me part-taking in spontaneous days out, fun activities and photo-shoots but don’t get FOMO I’ll keep you updated on as many of these adventures as possible.

I also promise to provide an honest insight into living with social anxiety and depression and the panic attacks that come with this. Where possible I will share how I cope with these and prevent them. This is where my Glitter Makes It Better mantra stems from. Everyone deserves to sparkle even on the hardest of days!

If you want to escape, this is the place for you; get lost in fun days out, beauty buys and trends, fashion choices and follow my new life in the city and read all the details of my new relationship.

Always Remember:
Glitter Makes It Better!