His & Hers Review of Beauty and the Beast (2017)

His & Hers Review of Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Short and sweet…

OK so don’t hate me for this but there is something about the original animated Beauty and the Beast which I never really liked and I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t know if I was scared of the beast as a child but it was never a film I wanted to watch again unlike Cinderella and 101 Dalmatians which I watched all the time, repeatedly and knew every single word.

However when I saw they were creating this version I was instantly excited as I adored the latest Cinderella and I can honestly say it exceeded all of my expectations.
Not only does Emma Watson play the role of Belle spectacularly (I know I’m obsessed with Harry Potter but she did smash it!) but so did all the main actors and actresses. I loved the subliminal adult jokes, the gay references and the very Les Miserables vibe to the songs, dances and overall performance.

Don’t even get me started on just how amazing the animation was for the Be My Guest scene. Everything was just so magical and exciting and it made me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy and I genuinely was excited to see what happened next.

The best bit for me, was that it made me get that magical feeling that Disney used to give me as a child and I love the fact that Disney is slowly but surely embracing diversity into it’s films. I couldn’t have rated this higher a solid 10/10. I laughed, I cried and I felt giddy. Oh and I  went to see it twice in the cinema, the first time with my mum and sister and then the second on my first full day out with James – Date day.

Disney you couldn’t have done a better job of recreating and improving Beauty and the Beast if you tried it was a pretty perfect film – well done to all involved!



Fabulously detailed…

“This film was made with a lot of love and care from the source material.” – James Hatton

Walter Elias Disney – ‘ American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer.’

Basically, Walt Disney was a pioneer of American Disney Animation Industry, introducing more than several developments in the productions of cartoon animation over the years.

And that’s pretty much as about technical as this review is going to get.

So, Beauty and the beast. How did I find it?

The premise of the story is as follows, an adaptation of the fairy tale about how a monstrous looking prince and a young woman fall in love. (More common than you think. Except in this story an actual visual and psychical monster.)

Your main stars are Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (the Beast.) And Directed by Bill Condon.

Let’s remember that yes Disney has already given us and shown us over the past 5-6 years how to change or transition from animation to live action versions with films like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book in recent years. So really, this isn’t a brand-new idea. And who knows with the current technology, perhaps it was bound to happen to bring what the original films were meant to be to do them justice.

But in a way Beauty and the Beast seems like the riskiest of them all. Going 26 years old now, it’s still a very much Disney golden classic and one held close to many hearts especially growing up. With a huge popular fan base. The music, the style, the sheer joy of the simple love story.

Me, myself being a very avid Disney fan, from young to old. I must admit I had to reserve judgement and felt very hesitant to think it could be any good, and perhaps even better than the original? Time would soon tell.

I came to the cinema, a first for me with my girlfriend Laura Whittle. She invited me to see a viewing of the movie at ‘Everyman Cinema. A very stylish bespoke cinema in which you sit in your own comfy armchairs, sofas, or even bean bags with cushions. They provide private screenings only up to 20 people per viewing making it extra special and comfy alongside drinks, food waiter/waitress service. Not bad for our first outing together. Girl did good.

So, as soon as the movie began, I can proudly say it’s been handled well, the screenwriters Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos alongside Director Bill Condon have done a commendable job of taking the 1991 animated movie and delivering what fans want. Whilst really offering enough tweaks to not feel like a note for note copy of the original. Giving it, it’s own unique lease of life, with many scores and musical set pieces really coming into their own. Think Broadway and the musical that is beauty and the beast. (Especially those old enough to remember seeing this one at Disneyland Paris 1994.)

The great thing and most powerful point to be noted about this film are the actors / actresses. Dan Stevens (Beast) performs in meaningful ways, a vein casually cruel prince punished by a curse that has transformed him into a monster. His performance shows you really feel both the highs and lows of his character, kudos needed and should be shown when remembering that this guy had to perform mostly in 1-foot heel stilts and wear CGI gear for animation. A true testament to all involved.

Moving onto Emma Watson (Belle) you feel a sense and sigh of relief instead of think, ‘oh wow its just Emma Watson dressed as Belle.’ Once she performed that opening number she really nails it and you can simply sit back and enjoy a well-executed version of a really, just a great song.

This film was made with a lot of love and care for the source material.

Beauty and the beast is expertly cast from the large characters to the little characters. The castles staff, who have all been transformed into household items by the curse on the prince. It’s almost impossible to imagine Disney’s Beauty and the Beast without Lumiere, Cogsworth, or Mrs Potts. With top notch special effects, amazing voice actors, they really do vividly come to life.

Last but not least an honourable mention has to go to Josh Gad, aka Gaston. Who in many ways steals the scenes in many parts of the movie.  He gives energetic performances, creating and being all manly, bringing a very masculine role to the part. It should also be mentioned and a pleasant surprise to see Disney cast Lefou as gay in this movie, and give him an obvious crush on Gaston, although a subtle small subplot, character thread, it’s a small tweak that blends the character material well. Making Lefou his own, and perhaps a small step to Disney becoming more accepting of the LGBTQ community.

All in all Beauty and the Beast was a superb blend of old and new. It creates an exciting film of music and clearly has a passion for the original and that’s the beauty of the live action films. Disney wants to do them justice. For the old generation like myself it gives us something to look forward to. For the young it gives them a good excuse to consider the old movies as well as having these new versions.

A highly recommended film either for couples or family nights in. you will not be disappointed.

Disney wins again.



After Cinema Trip To Hyde Park

Leeds Pride – Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Leeds Pride – Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Sunday 6th August 2017

9am alarm, quick shower, time to “paint” the face, pick out the outfit, order brunch, get dressed, new Timberlands on, denim jacket ready, card and ID, headphones, Spotify pride playlist loaded, selfie time…
Walk to Cookridge Street.

As I approach The Headrow I see a variety of brightly coloured outfits, made up faces, pride flags and hear the music starting to pump up from Millenium Square. I pushed my anxiety aside and had decided to go to Pride alone (this is a big thing for me I don’t really go anywhere alone).

2PM I found a good spot and the parade began to fill up the street. It was a buzzing atmosphere, great floats, amazing outfits, people of every age, race and social group were lining the streets around central Leeds to watch and show their support for diversity within our society. Leeds is such a diverse and exciting city and it really showed as people cheered on the various groups in the parade.

From live streaming on the Glitter Makes It Better FB Page to streaming on my personal FB and taking a ton of pictures my phone was low on battery; time to head to Carphone Warehouse and get a battery to charge the phone up.
Battery bought, head on down to the street party.

Here it is again that overwhelming feeling of dread, welcome to anxiety, just as it was starting to build up, I run into a girl from work and it eases somewhat; she invites me with her and her friends and the rest of the day was spent with a few drinks, dancing and on fairground rides. Videos below…

So after the anxiety and build up that my mind had created, it was one of the best days of the year and my first Pride in Leeds.

Thank you Leeds Pride 2017 you were spectacular ❤


July Favourites

I cannot believe it’s already the end of July, so here we have it my first ever favourites. You’ll have to ignore the very out there bedding until my backgrounds arrive.

Flamingos are in fashion anyway so I’m sure you’ll be loving them just as much as I am.



This month I have been obsessing over:
Perfume; Marc Jacobs Decadence – not only is the bottle and box amazing it smells great.
Original Source Shower Gels; Lemons and Tea Tree is my favourite for the money, fresh and helps to wake me up. Coconut and Shea Butter is my favourite evening bath companion – it just smells of summer.
Highlight; I have a collection of highlight products but this is my main one this month, it’s my only gold toned one and has such a good summer glow to it with a great price point too.
Foundation; M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid – NW20 – I used to use this foundation when I was around 18 but my skin started to hate it however I picked up a bottle in an outlet store the other day to wear on evening looks and I’ve been loving the coverage and how blendable it is with a beauty blender.
Lipstick; M.A.C Velvet Teddy, this has been a favourite of mine for months, I wear it most days it is just the most perfect nude for day and night.
Lipliner; M.A.C Spice, I bought this a month ago and have been obsessed with it since it blends so well with velvet teddy they are the best companions in my makeup collection.
Eyeliner; Smashbox Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner, another purchase from the outlet store and the easiest liner I have ever used to get even flicks and definition. I am that girl who has never been able to do liquid liner and this has made it so easy; my new love ❤



My go to fashion pieces this month:
Matching Bangles; For a little gift to James and I, I ordered us customised Hurley Burley bangles in sterling silver. They are engraved with lyrics from one of my fave Disney films – Tangled… James has half the lyric and I have the other half and I think he liked this little surprise. His is from the mens section mine was from the womens.
Sports Bra; I have never owned Calvin Klein products before but now I am obsessed. This sports bra is too comfy and looks great as part of an outfit, to work out in or to sleep in.
Cap; I dyed my hair brunette in the middle of the heatwave and realised I was going to burn my scalp so I wanted to buy a cap I actually loved. When I was in Cleethorpes I visited The Lost Boys and bought myself a Twinnz Corp cap and have been rocking it at any opportunity.
Bodysuit; This is a lingerie bodysuit from Victoria’s Secret but I absolutely fell in love with it and realised it would look great with high waisted jeans – underwear as outerwear- why not?



Primark; This month I have been loving all the home options in Primark. I feel like it’s all great value but also bang on trend. Here’s a few of my fave purchases.
Flamingo Double Bedding; this bedding is revesible and I absolutely love it!
Madagascan Vanilla Candle; £5 for this big candle and it smells just like holiday, I love the smell of vanilla in my room.
Copper Hangers; These hangers are £3 for 5 and they look so much nicer on my rail then normal ones.



Cyrus vs Cyrus; So I am currently using a 30 day free trial of Hayu and I have managed to binge watch the entire season of Cyrus vs Cyrus; I love the fact they transform rooms and make them look so amazing.
Game of Thrones; It has also rocked back onto the TV and I’m loving the new season. I watch it first thing in the morning as I get ready for work and I don’t want it to ever end I am absolutely hooked!
House of Cards; Over on Netflix I have completed the latest season of House of Cards this month and I am now going to have to patiently wait a year (probably) for the next season! It is one of my absolute favourites if you want something to get your teeth into this is the one full of drama and Kevin Spacey is phenomenal.
RuPaul’s Drag Race; ADDICTED, the only word to describe my current obsession. I watch it daily, binge watching whenever I can to get through the seasons on Netflix. I love the drama, the sequins, the glitter and Snatch Game!




Primark; As I said above in the home section I am addicted to Primark at the moment I am loving their home section and have bought all sorts from them including an amazing suitcase which I have been complimented on more times than I can count! £35 for a medium-large case.
Lindt; I am a chocoholic and when I get chocolate cravings it’s 75% of the time for Cadbury but the other day I just needed Lindt and so a box of Lindor Milk Chocolate balls later the craving was gone! Having a Lindt store in Leeds is very dangerous for my addiction and my purse!
River Island; Ok so Ignore womens wear as I didn’t see anything I liked in that range however step on into the mens section and they have the best range of colourful denim jackets! I have my eyes on a pink one. I bought a black Disney hoody which is just amazing and two crop tops from the kids department (age 11-12).


Ok so have a few go to Youtubers which I watch religiously and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a teeny tiny bit obsessed with the power couple of YouTube – Zalfie. They’re not only adorable, down to earth and funny; their new house is goals!

So here you have it:
Zoella (Main Channel)
More Zoella (Vlogs)
Pointless Blog (Main Channel -not so main channel)
Pointless Blog Vlogs

Goodbye July – Hello August ❤
I hope you liked my July favourites.


Miss/Mr England Finals Outfit

Dress to Impress
I wasn’t competing but I was there supporting James in his bid for the title of Mr England. It was the first time meeting a lot of his friends and I wanted to feel and look great.

I knew I wanted a black dress preferably long with a split not too formal but heading towards the bond girl/ miss congeniality look. I found THE dress on ASOS.com for a mere £28 (it is meant to be worn to bed; I think?) Black Satin long dress with front split (had to put a single stitch in it to prevent flashing). This strappy number made me feel amazing.

With a bit of my favourite tan – Skinny Tan 7 day tanner and my trusty sparkly strappy heels, a black clutch and a single silver bangle (to match his) I was ready to scream and cheer on my very own Mr South Shields and my girls Miss Grimsby & District and Miss Yorkshire.

Get the look:


Chapter 1. Once Upon A Time

Chapter 1. Once Upon A Time

When you’re at your lowest point the universe sometimes sends you your “knight in shining armour” and in my case it was Mr South Shields 2017 – James Hatton.

So how did it begin?

Whilst overcoming his demons he saw a post on my Facebook, a cry for help, a simple quote and he knew I was not OK. He had felt the pain I was feeling, he knew better than anyone how anxiety and depression feels and instead of running the other way he sent me a message. We had never spoken before we were just friends on FB due to mutual friends doing the Miss/Mr England Pageant and he was the one who reached out and made me feel a little bit stronger that night. It was a short and sweet exchange and the next time I heard from him was just after my birthday when he simply messaged me saying “it appears I have missed your birthday”  with one witty comment about cake and sparkles followed by a brilliantly timed gif. I returned with a gif of glitter confetti and from there it quickly deteriorated into chit chat and more you guessed it, gifs – of the Disney variety.

When did we first meet?

The Big Weekend – James managed to bag himself a ticket the lucky bugger and decided he’d invite me to an early morning Sunday coffee on his journey to Hull. I mean South Shields to Hull doesn’t really pass Leeds but he made the effort to pop to Leeds even if it was just for half and hour. I was in my spontaneous phase of saying yes so I agreed and from there we have been pretty inseparable. Although based in different counties we make the effort to see each other when we can and we video call daily.

It all began with a friendly message and now we are a Disney obsessed long distance couple enjoying our time together as much as we can and you all get to come along for the journey: from date days, weekends away and meeting each others families and friends we’ll document it as much as possible.

Sometimes when you least expect it you meet the person you’ve been looking for all your life. Let’s see if we get our Disney ending.

The relationship section gives you an insight into how we make it work, what we do when we are together, funny videos, selfies and all the other fun stuff.
He’ll even Collaborate on this section – enjoy ❤

For every Disney couple there is one thing we can agree on:
“Glitter Makes It Better”

Laura & James

One Love Manchester

June 4th 2017
In remembrance of the Twenty-Two Angels.

Manchester the heart and soul of Northern England; I could not have been more devastated with the events that occurred in a City that I have loved since my childhood.

I grew up in Grimsby which if you have been not many major artists perform there so we always traveled to Manchester to attend concerts from my very early childhood. From the moment the news broke I sat in my apartment in Leeds with tears in my eyes, knowing friends and colleagues were in attendance and over the next 24 hours luckily enough they were all accounted for and “OK”. The news hit harder than any other terror event in UK history for me and I think it’s because of the many amazing memories I made there.

The day Ariana announced she would be hosting a concert in memory of the victims and their families I knew I wanted to attend even before the line-up was announced. Tickets went on sale and I wasn’t able to get online to even attempt to get tickets but luckily for me my friend and colleague had bought extra knowing I’d wanted to go. (Friend goals).

4th June – One of the best events I have ever attended. The raw emotion, the whole atmosphere and the love felt throughout the stadium was incredible. The acts were on point and we were graced with outstanding weather – A rare sight in Manchester!

Manchester and the country made me proud that day and as more terror attacks unfold up and down the country my faith in the UK public’s generosity has been solidly restored and I couldn’t be prouder of Britain.

Below pretty much sums up how fantastic that day truly was. To the Twenty-Two Angels the UK love and stand by you – always in our hearts.

To Donate: One Love Manchester Emergency Fund



Braving Brunette

Saturday 17th June 2017 – returning to the dark side.

A few weeks ago I woke up and thought I need to dye my hair – I do have these impulsive moments and I usually end up on some spontaneous trip somewhere last time it was for a piercing.

I decided I wanted to return to the dark side after a very long hiatus from the hair dye. I had spent the past 3 years maybe a bit longer letting my hair be healthy and dye free and grow without as much damage. A couple of months before this thought I had another spontaneous moment and got the right side of my hair shaved into an undercut! (Britney Spears moment – pre-break up).

So on this thought of going brunette I messaged my hair dresser, Michelle, of about 20 years and asked whether it was a good plan and she encouraged me to go buy the dark brown casting creme gloss by L’oreal as it’s semi-permanent and it keeps your hair in good condition. Whilst in Newcastle I popped into Asda and it was on offer £5 per box I needed two.

I returned to Leeds after the weekend away and ensured I completed a patch test ready for the next weekend when I was heading back home to Grimsby/Cleethorpes. Saturday 17th I rocked up at 4pm to my hairdressers; boiling in the heatwave, boxes in hand and she applied it for me (if i did it myself it would be patchy -i’m not good). 1 hour later the transformation was complete!

The colour had taken better than either of us imagined it would have done and it was pretty much black – being-semi permanent it is now a super dark brown after a few washes.  But I love the change. My blue eyes stand out more with dark hair. I couldn’t recommend the L’oreal Casting Creme Gloss more, my hair is still in amazing condition and although the colour went black at first it is now a dark brown as stated on the box!

Check out the transformation below:

Remember: Glitter Makes It Better